Data Training

Data is absolutely critical in any campaign for change.  It is the tool, the signpost that can help us measure and broadcast the problem. Data is power. There is the expression ‘an image is worth a thousand words’ – a few numbers or better still a few charts are worth ten thousand words.

Professor Helen Pankhurst


START – open-access workshops

This is a beginner’s programme aimed at building confidence and capacity in accessing and using Statistics To Achieve Real Transformation. All sessions are free to attend. No experience of working with data, statistics or maths is necessary.

In the first series of introductory sessions, we focus on how to FIND information at a local level because Feminist Initiatives Need Data.


About the FIND series

The sessions are designed to introduce you to some of the key tools you can use to uncover inequality in your local area in the UK. There is also time to network.

We promote peer learning, and build relationships with and between organisations working towards the same goal: women’s equality.

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Maybe you already have some data and you want to know how to USE it?

About the USE series

In our series on Using Statistics for Equality, we explore some ways to make the most of your data. We help you tell compelling stories so that you can make real change in your local community.

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