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Working with your team

We are happy to work with partners to tailor workshops to their local needs.

For example, we have helped a VAWG charity on the data around the social and economic costs of violence against women.

We have helped researchers find the data on their local economic profile for women so that they can influence their local council’s economic plan.

And we’ve delivered workshops to a political party so that their local activists can work on national campaigns but with the specific data in their local area.

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Introduction to data workshops

We offer a range of workshops aimed at building your confidence with data. These sessions are open to all. We believe that we learn best by being involved, so all sessions will require participation. Support will always be on hand.

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Discover what data is and how it can help us to uncover inequality

Learn how to work with datasets that reveal your local situation

Find out how to use a tool to gain information on local labour market statistics

Work with existing examples and your own stories about economic (in)equality