GM4Women2028 Pankhurst-Fawcett Scorecard: Annual Data Reveal & Celebration

Sunday 6th February 2022 11am (online)

The scorecard is named after Emmeline Pankhurst and Millicent Fawcett, two iconic figures who were among the first leaders of the campaign for women’s suffrage.

The scorecard is used within Greater Manchester to conduct annual reviews of gender equality data with the goal of achieving equality across all areas by 2028 - the centenary of equal franchise.

Each year, the charity reveals how Greater Manchester is faring in the areas of culture & active lives, education, employment, safety, and participation. There is also a thematic ‘ask’ which this year will focus on the role of women as carers.

We have been invited to run a workshop before the main event for those who might be new to data, and to help reveal some of the data around care in Greater Manchester.

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